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Learning should be fun!  Hands on and interactive learning styles have been proven to be more effective.  Lavel establishes an open, lighthearted, and judgement free teaching environment which encourages her students to participate in interactive activities, games,  and project based learning. Since Microsoft Office is one of the most powerful and widely used productivity softwares in the world, Lavel bases her curriculum on industry standards. 

"All students learn at different paces.  So, I am not afraid to adjust my lessons on the spot to meet the needs of my students".

-Lavel Claytor

About Lavel Claytor

Lavel Claytor is the Founder and CEO of LCPP. Lavel is a Microsoft Office Specialist Master and an Administrative Computer Specialist. She is an innovative and passionate instructor who ensures her students are able to retain and apply the skills they need to advance. She has over 25 years of experience providing direct Microsoft Office software training to individuals ranging from 6-70 years of age. In addition, she has 23 years experience in managing various computer software training programs. She has also helped over 50 students and staff obtain certifications in Microsoft Office in the last 7 years.


Everyone should have access to empowering, ethical and trustworthy computer software training and services. A passionate instructor and high-quality services can increase productivity, save time, and creating better opportunities to gain meaningful employment.


Meet Your Specialist

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