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Office Software Training


Specialist Certification Preparation is Available for Each Software



The Microsoft Word course is an excellent way for participants to learn new skills and how to navigate the software. Our training utilizes a unique project-based curriculum that allows you to learn while you develop a useful tool.

Create and manage documents (25-30%)  |  Format text, paragraphs, and sections (25-30%)

Create tables and lists (20-25%)  |  Insert and format graphic elements (20-25%)



Master one of the most powerful softwares in the Microsoft Office suite. The course is designed to provide a full overview of how to navigate Excel's interface and capabilities.  Our training utilizes a project-based curriculum that provides hands-on practical applications.

Create and manage worksheets and workbooks (30-35%)  |  Manage data cells and ranges (15-20%)

Create tables (15-20%)  |  Create charts and objects (15-20%)



Creating professional presentations is an essential skill, but having the ability to captivate your audience visually can be a game changer.  This course will not only teach you how to create a presentation, but it will also teach you how to keep your audience engaged and invigorated visually.

Create and manage presentations (30-35%)  |  Insert and format text, shapes, and images (20-25%)

Insert tables, charts, SmartArt, and media (20-25%)  |  Manage multiple presentations (5-10%) 



Electronic communication plays a significant role in our day to day lives. This training will allow you to communicate and manage communications more proficiently and effectively.

Manage the Outlook environment for productivity (20-25%)  |  Manage messages (35-40%)

Manage schedules (35-40%)   |  Manage contacts and groups (10-15%)

Unsure about taking the next step?

How you choice to invest your time and effort into your education and career can be a big decision, and it should be one your are comfortable with.


Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

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